What Are the Odds of Winning Encore?

Encore is a unique game in the Canadian lottery system. It is unique because you cannot make a make a getting sticking to of of of a standalone Encore game; it must be purchased in supplement to other game behind Lotto 649, Daily Keno, Atlantic 49, or Lottario. That’s why it’s called Encore, because it’s an supplementary game in greeting to demand by the players. So, you produce a result a lottery game and subsequently have the different of paying any more dollar to accomplishment Encore. Do you know about judi slot?

The Encore game has a pinnacle prize of $1 million. You pretend it whenever you obtain lottery tickets. But have you ever wondered what the odds of winning Encore are? It’s in reality easy to calculate. First of all, you compulsion to know that the game provides you bearing in mind a seven-digit number. The number can be everything from 0000000 to 9999999. If you see at it as just a number, you can have a ticket that has a number from 0 to 9,999,999. In new words, there are 10,000,000 realizable numbers (Not 9,999,999 because the numbers don’t begin from number 1, they begin from number 0). Therefore, your odds of winning the $1 million Encore jackpot are exactly 1-in-10-million.

Of course, there are new gigantic prizes simple to be won. You could win by matching the last 6 numbers. The odds of that are 1-in-1-million, which gives you a prize of $100,000. Or, you could win by matching the first 6 numbers. That gives you a prize of $10,000 and with has odds of 1-in-1-million.