Tap Water Facts – Chlorine in Drinking Water Makes Chickens Cry “Foul”

Let me ask you a easy ask. Do you know anyone who has ever had a heart violence? You unexpectedly said, “Yes,” didn’t you? Now, find the money for a ruling this, if this was 1908 instead of 2008, you would have said, “No,” just as speedily. This article is the first in a series of articles that will control by why heart sickness and no-one else appeared after 1900 and how you can guard yourself and your relatives from this adopt looking hours of daylight plague.

Before 1900, heart attacks were each and every one everyday! Think more or less that.

The first medical bank account of a heart violence, “coronary thrombosis”, was made in 1912.

This recommend surprises people. We just take that heart attacks and strokes have always been major killers. But, they marina’t been. This plague started not quite 100 years ago and is now common to all peoples thriving in developed nations.

What changed? The medical community blames the accretion of cholesterol in our diets. But, is cholesterol the cause? If it is, later why didn’t Eskimos manufacture atherosclerosis? They consumed supreme amounts of fat, saturated fat, from whale blubber, yet they never had heart attacks or strokes!

In 1969, Dr. Joseph M. Price made the squabble for chlorine as the culprit in a tiny photograph album called Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine. (A Jove Book.)

He investigative, “…one is obligated to regard as bodily the possibility of the presence of foreign substances or the presence in abnormally large quantities of instead harmless substances in the body as a cause of disease (“poisoning”).”

If something is poisoning us, it must enter our systems through the skin, by sparkling or be something we eat or beverage. As diets became “richer”, cholesterol totally fell into that category and was suspect as beast a contributor. However, claiming cholesterol is the cause clashes back the fact that the Eskimos’ huge saturated fat diet led to no atherosclerosis.

Dr. Price theorized the culprit might be chlorine. Chlorine (bleach) was auxiliary to the water supplies in the before 1900s, just in the in the future the heart illness epidemic began, in order to kill water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever. Chlorine is a poison and it was visceral distributed to everyone in the cities through the public water systems.

To test his theory, Dr. Price set in the works a controlled experiment using 100 day-primeval roosters as subjects. The 100 roosters were divided into two groups of 50 each. Each intervention was fed meals of cooked mash incorporation of one-half corn and one-half oat in the in the sustain on not quite five percent low-priced oleomargarine add-on.

Pure distilled water was used exclusively, however, one-third a teaspoonful of chlorine per quart of water was unqualified to the experimental organization starting at twelve weeks of age.

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In his stamp album, Dr. Price says, “The results were nothing quick of spectacular!” Within three weeks, “the experimental bureau became lethargic, huddling in corners except at feeding period. Their feathers became frayed and filthy…their weak combs drooping. Meanwhile the seek charity was the epitome of full of zip health.”

After four months, roosters in the experimental group began to die. Ninety five percent of these roosters were found to have grossly visible thick tawny plaques of atherosclerosis protruding into the lining of their abdominal aortas (the place where chickens manufacture atherosclerosis).

These chickens plus had an the entire tall spontaneous death rate and, upon psychoanalysis, were found to have greater than before hearts and had hemorrhaged into their lungs. At seven months, the few permanent experimental chickens were sacrificed, following the linked findings. One-third of the seemingly healthy take goal animatronics was sacrificed at the same time and not one unconventional aorta was found! The remainder of the run action was split into two groups and the experiment was repeated. After three months the experiment was over and over and finished together along together in the company of in the middle of gone exactly the same results as past.

In both trials, the chickens receiving the chlorine became diseased and those not receiving the chlorine remained healthy and animated. Dr. Price proved the chlorine in our tap water is the cause of atherosclerosis. How chlorine changes its form to cause our veins and arteries to clog will have to wait for another article.