How to Get More Followers on Instagram

To get more followers on Instagram do the following things:

  1. Promote your dedicated hashtag on your other social profiles, on your website, and your email blast.
  2. Get creative with your hashtags. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous – but never boring!
  3. Watch topically relevant and trending hashtags. Join these conversations to get in front of more people.
  4. Use your bio link to drive traffic to your newest or most popular content.
  5. Write descriptive captions. Storytelling will help generate engagement and sharing.
  6. Interact with top influencers in your space and try to become one of their favorite people or brands.
  7. Don’t want a tagged photo of you or your brand on your profile? Edit Tags to hide images from your profile.
  8. Adjust your settings so any potentially embarrassing tagged photos won’t show without your approval.
  9. Develop your own unique, recognizable visual style. Figure out how you want to stand out and make it so!
  10. Visit the Places tab to see what’s happening locally – your neighborhood, a city you’re targeting in ads, or an event in a certain location.
  11. Use a call to action to tell people what you want them to do with your posts. Find clever ways to get people to share your content.


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Lazy neck phone holder

Lazy Guy is a Hands Free Phone Holder.Very Convenient to use around the house, office or even in the car. Made with sturdy, quality, flexible material that allows easy adjustment. Soft cushion wrapped around the neck area for comfort. 360 degree rotation of the holder allows easy view.


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Android Operating

Google has rolled out the first developer preview of Android O, the next version of itsAndroid operating system. With this, the company has made Android O official, weeks before its annual developer conference I/O.

The term Android can refer to either an Android mobile device or to the Android operating system. The Android operating system powers all Android devices. Think of it as the underlying software that instructs your device what to do, much like how the Windows operating system powers laptop.

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Digital now a critical element of the market: Infy CEO

BENGALURU: Underlining the huge potential of the digital business, InfosysBSE 0.26 % CEO and MD Salil Parekh today said it is a critical element of the market.

Addressing journalists while announcing the third quarter results, Parekh said, “We are very clear in any case that the market has evolved and digital is a critical element of that market. Equally with regard to consulting in terms of focus, we see lot of buying in the business today.”

Elaborating further, Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao said that over 25 per cent of the company’s revenue comes from digital segment.

“Over 25 per cent of our revenue comes from digital. Last couple of quarters we started talking about new services and software. This quarter it constitutes about 11.6 per cent — over 6.8 per cent growth over previous quarter. It is growing at a much faster rate,” said Rao.

Chief Finance Officer M D Ranganath said that there has been 23 per cent growth in free cash flow over the last nine months. It was purely generated from operations, he added.

Asked how he will build a strong relationship with the company’s founders in the wake of previous CEO Vishal Sikka’s exit on an unpleasant note, Parekh said, “This is a phenomenal company started by people who had tremendous vision. They have created something which will last very longer. Everything I have seen in the company reconfirms my belief. My hopes and expectations will be to connect with the founders and respect them.”


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Surprise and delight consumers

Research suggests that 96% of American consumers have made at least one purchase online in their lives, and more significantly, 80% have made at least one in the past month. This shows how commonplace online shopping has become, with competition in the market hotting up as a result.

Due to this ‘I want it now’ mentality, many ecommerce brands are struggling to keep up with consumer demand. With the ability to buy whatever we want online, whenever we want, giants like Amazon are reaping the rewards of a super-fast distribution model, and leaving others in the dust.

Meanwhile, subscription box brands stand out with an alternative prospect – and that is unexpected discovery. There is an intrinsic thrill associated with receiving a box of new products in the post each month, with subscribers typically remaining unaware about the specifics of what’s inside. Subscription boxes take the associated pleasure of receiving a package from Amazon or ASOS and elevate it, with surprise and delight a key part of why consumers continue to renew.

Snack brand MunchPak relies on this, offering consumers an array of different snacks from around the world. It builds excitement around unusual and exotic snacks, delighting its audience with a new and different experience each time.



Paper Airplane

In Paper Airplane Channel you Will Get Origami World Best Paper AirPlane Folding Tutorials. We are professional Origami Experts.And Creating a Unique and Trendy World Best Paper AirPlane that Flies thousands of feet is our Hobby.


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Dr Rajeev Gupta Leadership Strategy

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Scenario 1 – A Teacher gives a question to the class full of students, however, solves it for them;

Scenario 2 – A Teacher gives the question to the students and observes how students solve them;

Scenario 3 – A Teacher gives a question to the students and moves around the class, observes the students, and helps wherever required.

Scenario 1 was “Leading from the Front”, Scenario 2 was “Supportive Leadership Style”, and Scenario 3 was “Interactive Leadership Style”. Besides this the leadership styles / strategies could be based on personality traits like Directive Leadership, Structured Leadership, Intuitive Leadership, or Process Driven leadership.

Here are some tips while selecting leadership strategy / style:

A leader must be aware of his / her personality traits and those of his team members / followers to understand which leadership style will be most effective.
A leader may not adopt a consistent leadership all through his / her career. Situational Leadership helps addressing varied needs / expectations of the followers as he the leader adopts a strategy based on a situation he / she is in. In case a leader has a self-reliant team, he needs to be using a directive leadership style or lead form the front. He could instead delegate and provide inputs where necessary.
A common mistake especially a lot of new leaders make is to copy established / well know leaders. Remember, each situation is unique and so are the followers. A leadership style which may be suited to a well known leader may not be appropriate for your team. Make no mistake here – do not try and imitate other leaders.
A leader will never be afraid of trying new approach to solve a work problem or address a conflicting situation. It is quite a possibility that a leader adopts a style that is not by the book.
A leader must keep enhancing his / her leadership skills. While on the job experience matters a lot, getting enrolled into leadership courses after detailed evaluation of the program and feedback of the participants will help implementing a leadership style more effectively.

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dr rajeev gupta, dr rajeev gupta Emotional Intelligence, dr rajeev gupta Leadership, dr rajeev gupta uk, Emotional Intelligence dr rajeev gupta, Leadership Coach dr rajeev gupta


  1. A leader must lead himself, only then he can lead others. He must be committed on personal and professional front, and must be responsible. He must be a role model for others and set an example for them.
  2. A leader must boost up the morale of the employees. He should motivate them well so that they are committed to the organization. He should be well acquainted with them, have concern for them and encourage them to take initiatives. This will result in more efficient and effective employees and ensure organizational success.
  3. A leader must work as a team. He should always support his team and respect them. He should not hurt any employee. A true leader should not be too bossy and should not consider him as the supreme authority. He should realize that he is part of the organization as a whole.

Organizational leadership involves all the processes and possible results that lead to development and achievement of organizational goals. It includes employees’ involvement, genuineness, effective listening and strategic communication.

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Organizational Leadership


What is a hit on a website?

hit is a request to a web server for a file, like a web page, image, JavaScript, or Cascading Style Sheet.

When a web page is downloaded from a server the number of “hits” or “page hits” is equal to the number of files requested. Therefore, one page load does not always equal one hit because often pages are made up of other images and other files which stack up the number of hits counted. Because one page load does not equal one hit, it is an inaccurate measure of a website’s popularity or web traffic. A more accurate measure of web traffic is how many page views a web site has.

Hits are useful when evaluating the requirements of your server, depending on the number and size of files which need to be transferred for one request. Servers should be tested to make sure they meet throughput targets (i.e., they should be capable of processing a certain number of “hits” per second).

Unique hits count the number of different individuals who have generated at least one hit.


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How to Get Backlinks from Profile Creation Sites

1 – First log on to any profile creation site
2 – To sign up click on create an account Or sign up account
3 – Just fill up your information and click to create account
4 – You need to verify your account via email verification
5 – Now find profile editor account setting and put your site URL in website option
Now it’s done

profile creation