Surprise and delight consumers

Research suggests that 96% of American consumers have made at least one purchase online in their lives, and more significantly, 80% have made at least one in the past month. This shows how commonplace online shopping has become, with competition in the market hotting up as a result.

Due to this ‘I want it now’ mentality, many ecommerce brands are struggling to keep up with consumer demand. With the ability to buy whatever we want online, whenever we want, giants like Amazon are reaping the rewards of a super-fast distribution model, and leaving others in the dust.

Meanwhile, subscription box brands stand out with an alternative prospect – and that is unexpected discovery. There is an intrinsic thrill associated with receiving a box of new products in the post each month, with subscribers typically remaining unaware about the specifics of what’s inside. Subscription boxes take the associated pleasure of receiving a package from Amazon or ASOS and elevate it, with surprise and delight a key part of why consumers continue to renew.

Snack brand MunchPak relies on this, offering consumers an array of different snacks from around the world. It builds excitement around unusual and exotic snacks, delighting its audience with a new and different experience each time.



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