What’s the best way to protect an iPhone screen from cracking

Allow me preface by stating I have actually purchased both of the alternatives listed below several times and have not been made up to recommend these items. I such as both for different factors. If you have iphone 8 then you must have an iphone 8 covers to protect your screen.

Option A: Otterbox Protector Case or Lifeproof brand name equal OtterBox|The # 1 Selling Instance for Smartphones & Tablets|OtterBox




You can drop it, kick it multiple times and it will be great. I have a good friend that does this whenever someone shouts Otterbox. It jumps.

It is offered in a couple of various colors and you can switch in between the interior/exterior defense pieces for new combinations or if you scratch the display cover excessive.

You could usually discover them on Amazon, at Tuesday Morning or other stores at a deep discount in less existing colors.



The cover makes the phone MUCH bigger – it will be tough to fit it into a pocket – a couple of tech jackets/ vests could fit. Bag/ Backpack – you’re golden. It likewise has a plastic belt clip point that I’ve never ever seen made use of by any person who has this instance.

The screen cover does obtain scratched eventually and some report that touch level of sensitivity suffers.


YMMV – previous versions of the Otterbox covered the lower section of the phone (just above where the home switch lives) as well as made it tough to difficult to access the bottom scroll up fast access symbols. (audio quantity, airplane mode, and so on) They may have repaired it.

They can be costly if you definitely NECESSITY have the latest colors.

Option B: Any kind of situation to shield the rear of the phone coupled with a Zagg invisible shield ZAGG– Life Released ™.




Super slim, superstrong GLASS guard that the company will certainly change if IT cracks – rather than your display. No loss of touch sensitivity that I can inform.

Much more alternatives for the back cover/ personalization.

Thin, slim, slim.



If the cover cracks (from going down or other) you have to send out in the fractured version to obtain the brand-new one (utilize your otter box for a few days if you are awkward – like me).

If you don’t put it on the phone appropriately, you could have air bubbles. Try asking someone at the ATT or Verizon store to do it if you acquire there.

Never ever seen these on sale – prices around $30.

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